I read with interest Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s Facebook posts once in a while. Not all of them are bad, some are quite good.

However, this latest post by PM Lee makes me quite uneasy.

In his post, he wrote “As we enjoy the festive days with friends and family, let us spare a thought for the foreign workers who have left their families behind to work in a distant land. They build our HDB flats and MRT lines, keep our roads clean and parks green, and take care of our young and elderly. They slog and save to support loved ones, but at least with the internet and cellphones they can keep in touch, and feel not quite so far away. – LHL”

I feel this is inappropriate for our PM because he is first and foremost a PM for Singaporeans, not for foreigners.

Do you think we don’t have our very own poor and suffering? Look at all the elderly cleaners, who have to work till their old age because they have no one to care for them. Granted, there are some who work for “exercise”, but their reason for working is an even more tragic. Some of these elderly do not have family to accompany them in their retiring years, as their children are busy working, eking out a living one of the world’s most expensive cities. Do you think these children will have time for their parents?

Stop forcing Singaporeans to integrate with foreigners and deal with the problems at home first, that’s what a PM should do in my honest opinion.

Gim Siong
A.S.S. Contributor

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