A posting on TP Confessions Facebook page has gotten netizens very concerned about safety in Singapore in recent days.

According to an anonymous confessor, she had been raped by a Temasek Polytechnic student on the way back from her workplace at night, although she did not specify a date.

She claims she was drugged and raped while unconscious, and that when she awoke, the rapist was still at the act but she had caught sight of his student ID popping out of his bag. She says she is badly traumatized by the event and that she now fears walking home alone. She adds that the case has already been reported to the police and that the police are conducting a manhunt for the suspect.

Read her post here:

“I got raped by a temasek poly student otw back from work late at night. He put me into his car after being drugged and raped me when i was conscious, when i was conscious, he was still raping me and his bag was leaning against the door with his student ID popping out ,i was so scared ,I know it wasn’t my first time having sex but not from a random guy and its a event that got into my head and traumatised me. So since then ive someone to walk home with me instead of walking alone. This case has been reported already and police is on the hunt for the guy”

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