The daughter of Singapore’s late supreme father, Dr Lee Wei Ling, has spoken up against President Xi Jinping and his anti-corruption drive in China. In a Facebook post on 1 Jan, Lee Wei Ling wrote that “Xu is playing a game where he “appears to weed out the corrupts n replace we his own people.”

Lee Wei Ling was referring to a Guardian news report which said that Beijing had recovered 2.3 billion yuan and arrested 122 government officials who were on the run last year in Beijing’s corruption drive.

The neurosurgeon seemed to imply that Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption drive is a power struggle aimed at installing his own people to powerful appointments.

Recently, Sino-Singapore relations have not been cosy as tensions sometimes surfaces from the territorial disputes in the South China Sea and the confiscation of 9 Terrex armoured vehicles by Hong Kong customs as they were returning to the city-state from military training in Taiwan.

Earlier in 2016, on the first death anniversary of her father Lee Kuan Yew, she had publicly accused her brother, PM Lee Hsien Loong, of having “no qualms abusing his power” and that he was trying to “establish a dynasty” and vowed that she would not allow her father’s name to be “sullied”. Lee Wei Ling added that she will no longer write for ST as the editors do not allow “freedom of speech”.

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