According to Melissa Chen, the US based activist who is helping Amos Yee with his asylum application, she has received several threats online and offline for trying to help brave young Amos out of trouble.

She has been labelled a “SJW”, or Social Justice Warrior for short, and some of her trolls have even tried to get her deported from the US by reporting her to the US Department of Homeland Security.

Read her post here.

“Irony of the day: I am a “noted SJW” to some of my countrymen in Singapore.

Well, if helping Amos Yee makes me one, then I embrace that label wholeheartedly, even though I’ve spent considerable time calling out the pitfalls of SJWism over the years!


Also, there are people reporting me to the Department of Homeland Security, tipping them off to get me deported! For the “crime” of aiding Amos in his asylum bid.

Melissa Chen”

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