Dear A.S.S. Editor

New year has come, but the same problem still persists in Singapore. HDB flats are so expensive now, that if you are a middle income earner with a family to support, and even if both husband and wife are working like most Singaporeans are now, it still would not be enough to pay for your HDB house.

You still need years and years to pay off the debt of your house. In fact, you end up paying for your house until you are retired, that you cannot even call it your house. If it is your house, you don’t have to pay money to government every month apart from utility bills.

So, you get your salary every month, but every month also, have to service your housing debt. What you earn, you give back to government. Work like a slave also no point, you are earning just to pay government back. Singapore is run like a corporation, where making money talks. What happened to helping all Singaporeans to be able to purchase affordable housing?

Vijay S

A.S.S. Contributor

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