Dear A.S.S. Editor

I read in the papers that the government is going to build a sports hub at Punggol. They said Punggol residents have something to look forward to by 2019. Sports hub means like the one at Tampines, have football stadium, swimming pool and indoor sports hall.

Maybe people can benefit with the indoor sports hall and swimming pool, can use the facilities to play sports and keep fit. But football stadium? Apart from the running track, who else uses this? Football in Singapore not like last time, can draw crowds. So the football stadium likely to remain empty, apart from early morning and evenings where people use the track to run. Maybe some school sports day also held there. But other than that, money wasted on building a football field no one likely going to play in every day, and a stadium no one will come and watch football every week.

Why waste money on this? Either do something to increase football popularity in Singapore, or scrap the plan to build a football stadium. A running track will be good enough, no need to spend excessively on taxpayers money.

M. Fareed

A.S.S. Contributor

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