Dear personnel,

The hearing for the court trial that violates human rights in Singapore will be on 22 February 2017.
The case is blatant political persecution to violate fundamental human rights to freedom of expression and freedom of public assembly.


Fellow Singaporeans and I have been banned from using the only venue allowed for public assembly in Singapore for more than 2 years since 27 Sep 2014.

In the email below, they said my “actions” but did not state what “actions” are they referring to.

During the court trial in 2015, director Chia Seng Jiang testified in court:
“The website does not er say erm east lawn west lawn lawn one lawn two er the website merely outline where is the speakers’ corner boundary.”
“The public order act and the exemption so you don’t need a police permit.”
“It’s erm within the boundary you don’t need a police permit.”
“YMCA did not say that they cannot carry out their event.”

In addition, nparks manager Sim Bee Lan has also testified in court:
“The applicant will apply through online single quarter form and they will just fill in the information and they will just click submit then they will receive the approval.”
“Speakers’ corner is a share space.”
“it’s a open park and people is free to move around.”
“anybody can move or walk around the park.”

None of us was charged for marching at Hong Lim Park speakers’ corner during the #ReturnOurCPF event on 27 Sep 2014.
According to the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation, we were banned as the case was “under investigation”.
The case is no longer “under investigation”; but there is still blatant political persecution against the rights to freedom of expression and public assembly as a Singaporean.

We are now facing a court trial without any legal assistance and none of us is legally trained.
Please help us against the violation of fundamental human rights in Singapore, thank you.

Janet Low Wai Choo

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