Dear ASS,

My husband rented from Lion City Rentals (LCR), an Uber-affiliated partner, under the 5-weeks contract terms. Shortly after that, during a scheduled body check-up, it was discovered that he has back problem, and the doctor advised against sitting/driving for long hours – which will affect the hours put in to drive for Uber.

We took the doctor’s letter to LCR to request for early termination of the contract, but they refused to make an exception (not even on medical grounds).

They offered an alternative – we can “terminate” the contract early, but will still need to pay the rental – albeit in installments over 6 months, instead of pay weekly. And we’ll need to return the vehicle immediately. So basically, you return them the car (which they can then rent to someone else and make money), but you still continue to pay rental for the 5 weeks. Like DUH!?

Those who wants to drive for Uber should carefully consider before commiting. For our case, it was unfortunate (back problem) – and know that LCR makes no concessions for medical conditions. Might be better off making other vehicle arrangements instead of renting from LCR – their vehicle condition is indeed bad.

Mrs Tenpa
Concerned Singaporean

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