To all the girls/female out there, if you have some time, please read on cos I would like to create awareness to all of you out there. It took me a while to decide whether to post this unpleasant, long-winded story. I need some courage to do this too

While everyone is happily celebrating new year/new year’s eve, something unpleasant happened to me. Some of you may have seen my pictures that i was too, happily celebrating my new year’s eve at Siloso Beach Party, Singapore with my best friends.

I was molested at the party, yes, and a real bad one. It happened at the foam pool where there is a huge foam cannon shooting foams out from the top that could cover anybody that goes under it. I remember my friends going into the foam n i was trying to go in too. At a swift moment, someone grab me/hug me from the back and pushed me in and started groping my boob. And he push me down into the pool of foams where nobody can see me at all, continue to grope me vigorously and putting his another hand into my pants. He was also pulling my bra down.

I was struggling to push him away and at the same time finding my way out to somewhere where people can see me. He tried again to pull my bra away. I shouted but i guess nobody can hear me as the music was loud too.

When i finally get out, in shock, i decided to go to the security guard to seek for help (there was quite a few of them standing around the foam pool). But sadly, all i get from him was ‘I didn’t see anything, I can’t do anything’.

Not knowing what to do, we left the place after that.

The picture of injuries below was either i got it when he pushed me down or when i was struggling to get out from the pool.

Some of you may say ‘padan muka who ask u to wear so little cloth’ , ‘you ask for it’ or ‘this kind of thing happened so many times d’. Yea, i admit that i was being careless, so carried away having fun at the party but nobody deserved this. Lesson learned.

I would like to remind all the girls to be really careful all the time. Please take care of each other while u r out there partying cos u wouldn’t know what will happen. I was unlucky that it happened to me.

ps: I wasn’t drunk cos if u know me, I don’t drink

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