Dear A.S.S. Editor

As usual on my way to the bus stop to take the bus to work, I will pass by many clinics as I walk from my home. Today, since it is the first day of work back for many after taking long leave, i see the clinics are all full of people.

Really ah? Are these people all really sick? Party too much during the new year? It seems like this is the normal thing for Singapore. Usually, after a long weekend, clinics will be full of people, all hoping to get another day or two of MC. Are Singapore’s working environment too stressful, that people cannot bring themselves to go to work after a long holiday? Or Singaporeans really so weak, so easily fall sick one? Or people really very very lazy one?

Pity those people who really hardworking, go to work today. Maybe most of their colleagues on MC, so have to cover for them on the first day of the year. Pity those people who are really sick also. Already queue at clinic long, others will think they “chao keng” also.

Ramesh P

A.S.S. Contributor

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