Please beware of lorry touts, lorries driven by migrant workers from India and Bangladesh were seen not only touting in Tuas and Little India on Sundays, charging a way cheaper fare as compared to the licensed Little India Buses steal them of their rice bowl, but now they are even going bolder to even tout at Clarke Quay at night.

LTA sends an undercover from either India or Bangladehs to catch touts like those limousine, Mercedes and Toyota Alphard taxis, mini vans and private cars, but they didn’t catch or report any of their own kind touting.

If you don’t believe me, go Race Course Road on Sundays and take a look at the open carpark! Yesterday, I was at Shanghai Dolly having a drink with friends, after drinking, I saw a group of people trying to flag taxis, then there comes the lorry gang touting, one even ask a Bangla or Indian worker who was about to board the taxi to take the lorry, charging him $5 to go back to Woodlands, oh my god! Now we even have lorries as alternative transportation?

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A.S.S. Contributor

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