Dear Sir/Mdm,

I from Bangladesh come Singapore work for 5 years already, my friend tell me about this page ca talk about what I want to say so I want to say here, hope All Singapore Stuff will share and let public know what happen.

I lorry driver working Singapore for 4 years already, but now I don’t feel
happy, on 1/1/2017 midnight around 2.30am I with 4 men from my same hostel go
drive lorry go Boat Quay and Clarke Quay there got pick up some of my Indian
and Bangla men friend. I drive and stop every 50 to 100 metre asking them
where they going, because many drunk men and woman so want to help them get
back home or hostel because taxi and uber men don’t want pick, I got before,
1 time my friend and I take blue taxi back from Clarke Quay back to Kranji,
taxi men talk many many then my friend vomit in the taxi, no time take
plastic bag for him, taxi men ask me pay him $100 so I pay he talk many many
say his taxi cannot pick people because my friend vomit, and if I no pay,
then taxi men going throw me and my Friend out on highway, then one time
another of my friend take uber, uber man also talk many many when my friend

So festive occasion and Sunday I drive out help to pick people taxi and uber
man no taking then 1 Jan 2017, I travel along Clarke Quay there got 1 yellow
taxi man and I think uber man come out take video and photo of me picking
people and charging $10 each man back to Yishun many many are India and
Bangla drunk men, and say I touting ask for me and my friends work permit,
then the uber man ask me what I doing, how come got take money, I say my
Friend charged my lorry ask me come, then the yellow taxi man say why
different, he take picture of my work permit and want to go report to LTA and
MOM. The 2 men then say I touting, I ask them why many car and Mercedes taxi
picking and asking people they no catch, catch lorry, many van also touting
they no catch. Why catch lorry?

Then today my boss on holiday one call me say he might want to cut my pay by
half because I anyhow drive lorry go pick people, he say the yellow taxi man
his friend, tell him all about it and even say the taxi man and uber man want
to write to MOM and LTA and get my permit and license cancel and cannot let
me enter Singapore.

I don’t know why now Singaporean like that one, uber and taxi man very bad,
drive anyhow, want us bang them then get us into trouble, now we pick people
collect money also cannot. Our pay very less, work 14 hour only for 5 days
pay only $1300, then now weekend and festival got chance for us earn pocket
money also cannot.

Sir and Mdm, help me share this, I want all driver man outside give us
chance, don’t like that. To the taxi and uber man take my photo and video
one, how much money you want you tell me, I give but you no tell LTA or MOM.
Please please help me. I got family in Bangladesh to feed.

A.S.S. Contributor

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