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With the recent news that our security firm, Certis Cisco will be employing foreign talents from Taiwan, I am appalled and unhappy with it, talking about Certis, they handle many sensitive and confidential assignments that shouldn’t be revealed to others, and with the fact that they are employing foreigners, aren’t they putting our country’s security at sake and our government didn’t step up to say anything about it? There are many jobs that Singaporeans can do but our government isn’t given us chance to do it! It has been a reliance of foreigners because of cheaper labour for more profits, and this has created an impression that Singaporeans are too lazy or choosy.

Now, I have been driving taxi for 12 years and finally I have been granted my Australian PR status recently after a 3 years wait and will be moving to Melbourne to live with my children and some relatives there after Chinese New Year. Reason being is that I find that Singapore is a country which is too stressful to live in, now one might say that we can always vote against our PAP government but I can tell you this, after the next GE, chances are at 90% that Singapore is going to be under One Party Rule, which is none other than PAP, I don’t care what others think but the fact is that the PAP have been issuing many Singapore Citizenship to foreigners over these years and these new citizens will definitely vote for the PAP and our PAP government is actually stupid enough to grant so many citizenship to these foreigners knowing that they are only going to be here for the maximum of 15 years as after getting their Singapore passports, they will be using it to jump over to some other countries.

Now with the fact that many undergraduates now are unemployed due to the over reliance of foreigners, many of them turn to be uber, grab or taxi drivers which is just like us, unstable monthly income and do you think one can survive with this kind of income? Then for what our children study so hard to get a degree? You don’t need a degree for this kind of jobs and our government have been whining about undergraduates being underemployed! Many of the youngsters have decided to live overseas citing better wages and livelihood there.

My take to the other hard coworkers out there whom are finding hard to make ends meet, try to plan for a migration, sometimes living in Malaysia or Indonesia can be even better tha in Singapore, in Singapore, we only have got a government that cares about money, not the welfare of the people, with such a hopeless country, why do we still need to be money printing machines for the government? Soon, morse Singaporeans will be out of job with jobs that we can do be taken over by foreigners and I can’t imagine that we have got China and Filipino doctors working in our polyclinics and Hospitals to take care of our health. Now why would one takes a medicine degree to be a doctor whereby now even doctors are also foreigners?

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