The reality of the job market in Singapore is that employers are now actively seeking loopholes in MOM’s policies.

When employers have already decided to employ foreigners, they will simply wait out the mandatory 14 days where a job has to be posted on Jobsbank. Once the jobsbank applicaton expires, they will proceed to submit an EP application for their pre-selected “Foreign Talents” to come on board.

If you need evidence, go to this forum link. The foreign talent in this forum has accidentally exposed his company’s dirty hiring practices.

Read his post here.

“EP application : Job in jobbank is not visible during 14 days waiting period
Post by ponliew » Tue, 27 Dec 2016 4:26 pm

Hi all,

Like to seek for all of you guys opinion. I have accepted the offer from my new company and they are currently processing my EP.

I was informed that the job has to be posted in job bank for 14 days which is what usually process is.

However, I could not find that job being posted in jobbank so far since I was informed (more than 10 days already!).

Not sure the job in jobbank can be set to be visible for certain group? Or (i hope not) HR forgot to post it ;(

Many thanks for you guys opinion.”

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