To the girl who was dumped on Christmas Day, you will look back and be thankful to have left this relationship.

I too, dated a guy for 5 years. I imagined spending the rest of my life with him, I even convinced my parents that I was going to marry him.

In our 4th year together, I decided to further my studies abroad. He was supportive and our long distance relationship went pretty well. I was all ready to finish my final semester and head home to plan our wedding. But in my last semester, signs weren’t quite right. He wasn’t responding to my texts as much as he used to, citing that he had to work late and have to go for work trips.

Then one day, he flew over to visit me. While he was sleeping, I peeped on his emails on his phone and found that he had lied about his work trips as I found air tickets booked for holidays, which he had kept from me all these while. I woke him up that moment and he did not deny that he had lied to me.

That was the moment I knew that we had serious trust issues. But I was reluctant to end the relationship. I thought I would never find another guy who loved and accept me like he did.

I tried my best to make the relationship work as it were before, hoping to quickly finish up my studies and things will be fine once I return to Spore. However, just a week after his visit, his sister contacted me via text and told me to move on with my life because he was seeing another girl and she has already moved in with him!

I was devastated! What a liar he was! He had been two-timing me! And he did not dare tell me, it was his sister who cared enough for me to want to break the news to me.

I took a long time to recover; I couldn’t understand why he forgo our 5-year relationship for someone whom he only knew from his workplace not too long ago. I struggled through my final semester, crying and hoping all the time that it was all a dream, except that it wasn’t.

I still managed to pass my exams and graduate that year. Upon returning to Spore, I tried looking him up but he refused to see me. 6 months later, he got married to this girl. It wasn’t a shotgun as I first assumed, he simply reset his life and moved on all too quickly. What an arse really.

Yes, I wasted 5 years of my life dating an arse. Yet today, I am very thankful that he dumped me because i found someone way way better and married a man who love and treasure me so much more than that arse.

So to the girl who was dumped on Christmas Day, I am excited for you because really,you deserve so much more. It’s painful for now but your future self will thank you, trust me on this.

Been there beforr
A.S.S. Contributor

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