Tan Koek Seng, 66, stood trial on Tuesday for committing 2 obscene acts with a 12 year-old boy in a swimming complex in the north east of Singapore. He told the court that staff members of the swimming complex where he teaches at on Sunday have made up the charges against him as they were jealous.

In his statement to the police, Tan had initially said that the boy was the initiator of the sexual acts. Tan said that he was showering in the toilet when he noticed a boy fondling himself in the next cubicle. He peeped through the gap between the 2 cubicles and realized that he had seen the boy around the complex previously. He then claimed the boy approached him as he got dressed and suggested that they masturbate each other.

He claimed he rejected the idea, and proposed to “play” with the boy instead. He also told the boy not to masturbate or else he would “die”.

When he appeared in court on Tuesday, Tan, who is unrepresented by a lawyer, told the judge that the other staff at the swimming pool were maligning him out of jealousy.

Tan accused a lifeguard at the complex, Mr Philip Ee, of making up the charges against him. Mr Ee had reported Tan to the police on 1 March after receiving a complaint from the boy’s mother about Tan’s relationship with her boy.

Tan has been a swimming instructor for over 40 years and would coach at the swimming complex where the incident happened every Sunday at that time.

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