Dear A.S.S. Editor

This photo is more proof that taxi drivers are facing a tougher time with Uber and Grab emerging as competition for the poor taxi drivers. Their source of income already slowly diluted, now even worse, with anyone with a car able to join Uber and Grab, and become private-hire drivers.

Passengers won’t care if they take Uber, Grab, or flag a taxi, it is whichever is cheaper. At the rate this is going, taxi drivers are losing out, as they still have their rentals to pay daily, before they can count their earnings for the day. No wonder there are rows and rows of taxis idling away, instead of plying the roads to pick up passengers.

Then why the need to have taxi licensing in order to drive a taxi? Taxi drivers are required by law to take their exams, and they are expected to know every major and minor roads in Singapore. They pass the exam, then given taxi licence to drive taxis. But private-hires don’t need to have this licence, so already starting out taxi drivers are disadvantaged. If this go on, with rows and rows of idle taxis, might as well scrap taxi companies in Singapore. No point having laws for taxi drivers, but not for private-hires.

Kevin Tan

A.S.S. Contributor

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