Singapore alternative Facebook page Wake Up Singapore slammed alternative website All Singapore Stuff decrying their total lack of journalistic integrity for sharing a story of a man’s Luo Han fish being fried by his Indonesian maid for dinner due to his poor instructions.

Wake Up Singapore did their research and stated the story was a hoax started in Hong Kong and it did not happen in Singapore. The admins of Wake Up Singapore urged readers to check the reliability of their sources and do basic cross referencing when reading a story that seems too good to be true.

Editor’s Note: Our article on the fried Luohan news was sent to us by a reader via our contact form which receives more than 30 submissions daily. We try our best to ascertain the veracity of each submission and ask for further proof, especially if it will adversely affect the persons involved. Being a reader contributed platform, we still believe in trusting our Singaporean readers and the stories which they share for the benefit of everyone.

In this case, our editors thought that it was an entertaining news even though it could not be independently verified as it has gone through multiple iterations of change before it reached us. But since it was admittedly quite funny and would provide some joy to our readers while we grind through our mundane lives in Singapore, we thought why not?

We have since added in a disclaimer at the bottom of the Luo Han fish article to “warn” our readers to not be so stupid and believe everything you read online. We hope you had a good laugh after reading this and you should check out the article if you find it amusing too 🙂


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