I would like to compliment one of Uber’s drivers by the name of Thangam.

On 20th December 2016 , I was rushing to the Changi General Hospital for some dialysis training and I called uber . Half an hour later I feel something wrong that why the driver did not come to my pickup point from Bedok so I called the driver . I realise that she say she could not find the way to my pickup point . So I told the driver I go to her current location .

On the way , she know that I’m about to be late for the Dialysis training in Changi general hospital , so she told me that she will try to ‘Speed things up’ for me in order to reach the destination on time . Once I reached there , the initial price was $6 but instead she only charged me for $4 instead .

I would like to compliment her is because not all the driver are aware that their client time is the key point that will lead to the driver either being suspended or being ‘ fired’ from working uber , most of the driver would not do like this driver thangam did by breaking the traffic rules (not that much).

Even though driver thangam told me she will try to speed things up for me , I told her not to do that even though I’m running late .

The thing here is that We need more of this type of driver especially good in handling such situation . What Thangam here has done here is that most of the driver are impossible to done it .

Well done driver Thangam , keep it up 🙂

Jia Xing
A.S.S. Contributor

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