Dear A. S . S ,

Thank you for reporting on the article of ” Women drugged and raped in Singapore”. I really appreciate the effort.

Some readers might found it hard to believe that such things can happen in our first world nation Singapore, as the details seemed exaggerating. Like them, I was a non-believer until I came across an article 2 years ago by the Southeast Asia Globe, an independent online news outlet.

Here is the link. http://sea-globe.com/12591-sex-and-the-lion-city-singapore-sex-workers-trafficking-geylang-southeast-asia-globe/#

In the article, they wrote : ” According to the US’s Trafficking in Persons Report 2013, the island is a destination for women and girls coerced into the sex trade from countries including China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam.

In the dimly lit back streets of Geylang, far from the glitter of Singapore’s business district, victims toil in silent misery, plying their trade in hotels, karaoke bars and massage parlours. Others are taken to ‘forest brothels’ in more remote areas, where they service foreign construction workers staying in dormitories.”

The pimp reported in the article, Tang Huisheng who got charged for raping and trafficking a Chinese victim , did also drugged the minor incase some Singaporeans do not believe that such events happen in Singapore.

They also wrote :”Some of the methods of control and coercion employed by their ruthless pimps make for grim reading. Women and girls sometimes have their passports, money and phones confiscated, as happened in the case of the 17-year-old girl from China. Many are brought into the country using tourist visas and fake documents, according to a 2011 report by anti-trafficking charity Ecpat International. Once in Singapore, they may be locked up during daylight hours and forced to have sex with numerous men by night.“

If this doesnt sound like human trafficking, I don’t know what is.

These things arent happening ten or twenty years ago but right now . Is this why Singapore remains as a Tier 2 nation for human trafficking based on the USA report ? .

As fellow Singaporean, I would like my country to remain as a first world nation in terms of human rights. Singapore acceded to the UN Anti-Trafficking Protocol last year but I don’t know what we are doing as a nation is good enough yet if we do not openly identify or acknowledge that we have a human trafficking problem .

I love my country and I think Singapore can do better for this.

M . Teo

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