I would like to highlight a big problem with Singapore Post delivery system / postman.
I made a phone and email complaint on the 7th of December 2016 with regards to a delivery from Singpost on behalf of Lazada.

A parcel was left unattended at my doorstep on the 6th of December when my mum did answer the door. The item was labelled with a huge FRAGILE sticker and the delivery man left it suspended in mid-air, hinged between the main door and the gate. When my mum opened the door subsequently, the parcel slid and landed on the floor.

Singpost used to be an icon of dependable and timely delivery to me compared to the multitude of delivery options available now. I am now convinced otherwise. I called to check and it seemed that there was a signature for the delivery, this is outrageous. So now, instead of delivering to the parcel personally to the recipient/family, is the practice of Singpost to leave the parcel at the door where anyone could have taken it and forge a signature afterwards to say that it was delivered properly?

The item that was delivered is an expensive item, it was around $800. I was reassured initially that it was going to be delivered by Speedpost, instead of some sub-standard delivery service. However, it was left unattended at the door, suspended in mid-air in a precarious position, despite the big red fragile label. Anyone could have just walked by and removed the parcel without me knowing, and I would have still been waiting in vain for the parcel to arrive. Who will be responsible for the loss of the item if that happened?

This is extremely unacceptable and it seems that the reputation of your delivery company is and has been going downhill. If you do a quick search online, you will see the massive amount of complaints that have been made and ignored.

After making the complaint, I received one phone call to verify the incident and I patiently repeated everything that I told the first customer service officer I called and had also written down in the complaint. A few days or maybe a week later, I received another phone call to ask if I had received my parcel. If proper attention has been paid to the complaint, I do not understand why someone would call to ask if I have received the parcel. This was followed by 2 missed calls and one SMS thanking me for my feedback.

I have asked for a reply on the actions that will be taken for such a big mistake of negligence and fraudulence but till now (28th of Dec) I have not gotten a proper reply.
Does Singpost believe that problems will go away if you ignore them long enough and make it hard for consumers to be heard?

Please do something about to salvage the trust we used to have in you. I would appreciate a reply, however brief, on what are your intended actions on the feedback that I have taken the trouble to give, multiple times.

On another note, I would like to compliment customer service officer Nubur (I hope I got her name right) on her helpful and sympathetic assistance.

See Haiyun
A.S.S. Contributor

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