A reader sent us this post.

“Following our post on Certis Cisco’s discrepancy in remuneration offered to local Singaporeans vs Taiwanese, a FB follower supplied us the following information on the terms of employment issued by Certis Cisco.

Yes, you might have guessed right, it is most likely from a Singaporean employed by Certis Cisco who is pissed off by Cisco’s discriminatory employment practice and these terms were for 2013.

The basic salary for Aviation security officer stated here is a mere (derisory) $950 and only after adding hefty over time pay, would it reach $1900!

The current advertised salary is $2100 subjected to terms and conditions (this is an extremely misleading way of advertising salary). We have every reason to believe that this amount is only achievable AFTER adding over time pay as well because it is impossible for basic salary for Aviation Security Officer to more than doubled within a short span of three years!

We would like Certis Cisco to correct us if our information is wrong. But if this information is correct, we would also like Certis Cisco to comment on such huge discrepancy in employment of local Singaporeans vs Taiwanese

People’s Power Party”

A. Lee.
A.S.S. Contributor

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