According to the Jakarta Post, a Muslim man born in East Java in 1962 had his parents named him “Slamet Hari Natal”, which means Merry Christmas. The man was born on 25 December 1962.

As prove that he did not make this up, then man insisted that it was his real name, and showed the world his ID card. The man said that he was supposed to be named “Selamat Hari Natal” but because the name was in Javanese, it became “Slamet” instead. His mother gave birth to him in the house of a Christian midwife in Tumpang, Malang. The midwife was Christian, and since he was born on Christmas Day, the midwife suggested that the parents name him after the Indonesian Christmas greeting. The parents agreed, although they were Muslims.

The parents did not want to think hard for his name, and since Slamet is a common Javanese name loosely translated as safe, they accepted the suggestion from the Christian midwife. The man stated that even though he is a Muslim, he had never received any criticisms from his neighbours for carrying a Christmas greeting as his name. “We practice tolerance here”, he said.

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