I have seen forest brothels activities when I was younger as I lived close to Woodlands.

Everyone never thought much of the women who worked in these primitive environments ridden with mosquitoes and uncomfortable forest bedding , not to mention the rough customers who might or might not use protection on them. As long as they didnt disturb us, all was fine.

Human trafficking was only something I read in foreign newspapers or TV documentary that occurred in other countries but NEVER in my own homeland.

“I mean this is Singapore lei ! We are first world country. If you traffic drugs over 500 gm , you sure mati ! How can anyone traffick human being ? You gila lah.” My friend will tell me .

I also thought it was impossible too until my maid told me something last week.

I could say that I will never take my safety for granted again.

My maid heard a story from a fellow friend who knew someone who was dating a Bangladeshi worker, then one day she looked through his phone and found photos of nude women in his phone.

Only that these are not photos of nude women taken from the internet, but on the grounds of what seemed like forest terrain with leaves and soil and mud, and the space was enclosed in the tent .

What was more shocking was that these women looked daze and perpetually knocked out. You could see their arms and legs are dozens of wounds that grew infected from drug injections.

She said there were many nationalities in the photo, some looked south east asians, chinese or even south korean. Some looked as young as 14 years old.

Any men who have ever been to army know how hard it is to endure 1 week of no release especially when confined to a small space with so many men.

At this time of writing, according to Singapore’s foreign labor statistics, there are over 300,000 construction workers in Singapore.

It is really a miracle now that you consider it that you only heard of construction workers attacking women on NYE party or Christmas parties in crowds on these two major events

Because how else do you satisfy 300,000 horny and lonely men ?

Many of them earn between 480 dollars to 800 dollars a month, and if you ask them to pay $50 for a service in gelyang is too much for them.

Not to mention many of them do not have access to the internet to adult materials on their 3G phones. Not all dormitories have wifi.

It would cost the foreign workers $10 to $20 every time for a release with a girl . There is no way a sane girl would have sex for that amount in her own country. People may be poor in their country but not that poor to sell herself for that amount and somemore without any proper human rights protection. They must be kept as slave to earn maybe $ 5 – $ 10 to earn their freedom rights.

Online sources gather sometimes they are kept there perpetually , or at least service 200 men to gain their freedom .

Some of the reports I have read mentioned that these women are taken as prisoners not victims if they ever asked for help.

And Singapore is listed as a Tier 2 city when it comes to helping with human trafficking, although it claims that the report is not accurate . “In the Trafficking in Persons (Tip) report released earlier this week, the Republic retained – for the fifth year – its Tier 2 position on a four-tier ranking. This means that Singapore has not fully complied with US laws on human trafficking but is making “significant efforts” to do so.”


At least in other countries, there are posters put up in airports to deter women who have been tricked into slavery to get help. I don’t know if Singapore even acknowledge that that we have a human trafficking problem.

There is no good solution out for this. Men have needs. Not to mention 300,000 of them.

The only thing I can ask my fellow Singaporean sister to not take your safety for granted.

Good wishes to you all .

A.S.S. Contributor

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