Our reader shared this update about Amos Yee with us.

“I got the call I was hoping for today, a day late but better late than never.

It’s Day 10 in detention for Amos Yee. He’s holding up well but he hasn’t received a single book that so many of you have generously sent him over the holidays. I intend to call the facility tomorrow to ask the officers why that is.

Amos is vegan (a choice borne out of Singerian ethics) and at this point, eating meat makes him viscerally sick. Unfortunately, he has to override his moral choice to abstain from meat as the jail refuses to cater to any dietary restrictions that aren’t medical necessities.

Fortunately, he has access to TV and a study which boasts a small collection of airport-literature. The common room is shared with 8 other people, all of whom, ironically, are Christians from China seeking political asylum in the US due to religious persecution by the State.

He said he speaks to them in mandarin but avoids talking religion because it’s a sensitive topic for them.

In the dark recesses of my mind though, I fantasize about this conversation taking place in the common room:

Amos: So what are you guys here for?

PRC: Political asylum. I’m seeking asylum for the right to practice our religion, Christianity, without persecution.

Amos: Ah, I see.

PRC: What are YOU here for?

Amos: Political asylum. I’m seeking asylum for the right to criticize a religion, Christianity, without persecution.
*awkward silence*

This, in a nutshell, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes America beautiful.”

Melissa Chen

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