Mr Ilzam Odit, a Singaporean engineering officer working with PSA Marine, was found dead in the Karimun Anak waters near the Riau Islands on Friday (23 December). It is believed he fell into the sea while at work.

Mr Ilzam was reported missing after his shift, when it was believed he had fallen off during his work at Banyan Basin, off Jurong Island.

PSA Marine and other government agencies conducted search and rescue efforts but could not find him. A body matching Mr Ilzam’s description was subsequently discovered in Karimun on Friday and identified as Mr Ilzam.

“PSA Marine’s management extends its deepest condolences to Mr Ilzam Odit’s family and will continue to work with the relevant Government agencies to provide assistance and support to his family,” a PSA spokesperson said.

“PSA Marine would like to thank the Indonesian and Singaporean agencies for their assistance in the recovery and return of the body to Mr Ilzam Odit’s family.”

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