Anyone else thinks that the NAC needs to answer for taking away the $8000 grant they gave to sonny liew?

Because this book they decided to not support and find manage to bestseller lists on Amazon and New York Times and win multiple awards.

This should raise the question, do local home grown talents achieve success because of the Singapore system or despite It?

This is a very important question to ask because there is alot of money in grants that are given out every year. Could it be possible that the government is fiving out grants to projects that are way to safe to be successful in the 21st century ?

Isnt this dangerous in the long run? Because this would mean that millions of dollars in taxpayers monies have not be going to projects that could have put Singapore on the map.

I feel that the NAC needs to account for this and reassure Singaporeans that they have not only acknowledge their mistake but learnt from it as well.

Benjamin Matchap
A.S.S. Contributor

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