A reader sent this photo to us and warned us that there was a monitor lizard next to the foreign workers’ dormitory at Penjuru, Jurong.

He wrote: “Jus saw @ jurong dormitory beside @ penjuru.”

There are three kind of Monitor Lizards in Singapore, the Malayan water monitor (Varanus salvator) that can grow up to 3m long, the clouded monitor lizard (Varanus nebulous), and the rarest Dumeril’s monitor (Varanus dumerilii), the latter both of which can grow to a length of 1 to 1.5m. Monitor lizards are mostly carnivorous; some also scavenge on carrion. They are can be found in forests, mangrove swamps, and even man-made canals!

The monitor’s saliva contains over 50 bacteria that infect and kill their prey slowly. These bacteria can cause infections in the bite wound, but the main cause of death for their prey is the venom secreted by the lizard

Although they are naturally shy, humans should stay away from them and avoid provoking them or they will attack.

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