Took a cab from Transcab Services Pte Ltd at 2.24 am after work today from Clarke Quay with my sister and the taxi driver started speeding at 130km/h at Kampong Java Tunnel, cutting across lanes dangerously without signalling * there were a lot of cars on in the tunnel and on the expressway as well. We repeatedly asked him politely to slow down the vehicle. This is the conversation between him and my sister- (lasted around 5 minutes)
Sis: Can you please slow down the vehicle?
Uncle: How slow you want me to go?
Sis: Please keep within the speed limit
(Uncle kept quiet but he kept going at a speed higher than 130km/h)
Sis: Excuse me, I already asked you to slow down.
Uncle: How slow do you want me to go?
Sis: Can you just stick below 90km/h?
(Uncle ignores her)
Sis: Can you please slow down? We are not in a rush.
Uncle: You all not in a rush I in a rush what? How slow is slow?

*UNCLE DID A IMMEDIATE BRAKE on the CTE and then started to drive to left side of the road with the idea to drop us off*

Sis: If you are in a rush then why did you still pick us up?
Uncle: If you are unhappy then just get down la

The uncle made us get off at a bus stop at Jalan Bahagia and expected us to pay the taxi fare if not he will call the police.

Of course, we have no idea about our rights about “fare evasion” or what so we just paid the fare in cash (he didn’t want to accept nets) and got down to take another cab home.
Going on the next cab, we told the cabbie about our experience and he said Transcab is known for not handling complaints well. We had tried to call the Transcab hotline but the hotline is only available from Mondays to Fridays 8.30am to 6pm.

I have also tried to get the name of the cab driver but on the screen of the cab or in front of the cab there was no name etc. My sis then got off the cab and took a photo of the carplate number while I took it from inside of the cab. Did not manage to take video because we were fearing for our lives and not thinking clearly to have any video evidence. We tried to calculate the speed based on the proof on the receipt – distance and the time printed but we realise it was flawed with possible traffic lights and averaging the speeds he slowed down.

Looking at the receipt, we were also conned of a $5 location charge when we did not board at Changi Airport or strategic places??? Actually thought it was a midnight charge.

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