Unbelievable. Just got rejected from a part time position (Kids Club Assistant) at Shangri La Singapore because of my hijab.

“I’m sorry we cannot employ you if you wear that thing on your head, we have a strict grooming code, so sorry about it.

We went through the job scope (taking care of young children.. bringing them for games, lunch and dinner), my availability suited the time periuodrequired by the company – everything was okay except for the fact that I cover myself.

Someone explain to me how this “thing on my head” would in any way prevent me from carrying out the job I was assigned to as well as anyone else without a hijab.

Whatever happened to “regardless of race, language or religion””? So disappointed.

Side note: i was aware that a 5 star hotel would have strict grooming policies so I dressed up formally with a shirt, black trousers and neutral gray headscarf; I was worried about my uncovered shoes but I guess they were more concerned about what I was covering up ._.

Shangri La Singapore has replied to the discriminatory allegations:

“We confirm that we interviewed a part time applicant for the position of Kids Club Assistant. We could not offer her the position as she was not able to meet our grooming and uniform guidelines.

In addition, we pride ourselves in embracing fair employment practices in our resort.”

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