For all contractor and renovation related field personnel out there, this is a person you need to be aware of and be careful if you are currently dealing with him.

This person, J was a sales employee in our company. However, he embezzled a total of more than S$30,000 given by different customers for the renovation works. He claimed he was the boss and have the customer pay the contract sum to him in the form of cash/bank transfer.

It came to light when we invoice those customers for payment.

He was fired immediately and admitted that he took the money to pay for his bankruptcy debt. Yes, Jimmy Ang is a bankruptcy and he did not inform the company till this incident surfaced.

Police report has been made and he is currently on bail.

Personally, he has many debtors out there, my boss included.

Last but not least, this shameless person has been smearing our reputation by twisting the story to favor himself.

A.S.S. Contributor

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