I would like to highlight to all ladies to be aware of Txxxx Slimming Centre.

I signed up a package from them as I was told that I can paid via installment up to 24 months with zero interest since is paying by credit card.

This is my mistake. Please check with your bank to verify before doing any payment. Because I didn’t check with my bank, I went ahead with payment.

Upon calling the bank to arrange for the installment plan, I was told that there will be interest rate charged per month for this arrangement.

I am angry with Txxxx for providing me with the wrong information. I went ahead to email them for full refund.

The sales director responded to my email and suggested me to take on credit card with other bank that has free interest rate! How ridiculous right?

Then he insisted me to pay for the administration fee + bank charges should I choose for a refund. I had called the bank to verify and the bank said is not right for merchant to charge consumer with the bank charges.

And the administration fee that Txxxx charged was 20% of the package fee! Yes it is that high!

Upon charging the administration fee + bank charges, they also failed to deliver the refund on time. And what make the matter worst was that the date written on the cheque for the refund was written wrongly.

So, before signing any package , please read the terms & condition in details. When in doubts, do not sign on anything.

Ps: when I tried to ask for compensation because of their failure to deliver on time, Txxxx just simply said is logistic issue and brush me off ! Simply taking the administration fee for granted and not doing anything!

Angry Customer
A.S.S. Contributor

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