I don't usually do this.
But in recent weeks, I noticed that more and more foreigners in Singapore are coming out of the closet with their racist and offensive views. Maybe inspired by the Donald Trump election win.
This Westerner left a bad review on XxXXx, a restaurant along XxXXx. He wrote
"Located in the awful plastic ambiance of xxxxx, this 'Bistro' has a great location in xxxXXxX – great frontage, lovely water feature, outside seating and an interior that looks like some sort of European piazza, complete with plastic flowers……and then, the food! 
Rewind to the service, it's staffed by locals so you know that the service will be bad and there's little chance they will be able to understand English, let alone know what they are doing. 
Anyway, I ordered the fish & chips with NO SALAD, like who puts salad on fish & chips? I thought I managed to negotiate fried onions instead of salad, but they arrived 10 minutes before the main course, ok, never mind I can deal with that and then it arrived! 
I kid you not, the fish was no more than a sliver of almost raw white mush coated in a greasy brown covering which I can only assume was batter and of course, a salad, drenched with that bloody awful balsamic vinegar. I felt justified in scraping the soggy green mess onto a side plate and putting it on another table so I didn't have to look at it. The fish was inedible and the chips were tepid and soggy and still had traces of balsamic muck on them. This place is not cheap, the food is crap and their service is average at best. 
Do yourself a favour and avoid. Awful."
Nothing wrong with hating the food, but to comment on Singaporeans as if you are the judge of someone else's English and service culture? Shame on you for being so low class.
A.S.S. Contributor

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