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I would like to share a bad experience I had with this company. I was approach by this young guy in formal attire at the bus stop near Eunos. He asked if I wanted to participate in a survey on anti aging and I will walk away with $10 cash and a free facial mask after the survey.

He then ask me to follow him to an office in (@&@(7 Place, so upon arriving, it turned out to be a presentation on their product and their multi level marketing strategy. They also did some skin analysis using a device. The entire presentation took about an hour.

After the presentation, I was presented with two options.

1. Customer – to buy their anti aging product which is totally over priced.

2. Partner – distribute the products in the mlm pyramid.

Obviously I declined to those two options because neither can I afford their product nor would want to get my friends or ralatives involve in it. So I decided to leave, the consultant told me that it will cost $18 for the process of having my skin analysis and records kept in their database. The record will show my health condition prior to consumption of their supplement. To avoid any trouble I just paid the $18 and left.

Instead of $10 richer now I’m $18 poorer.

A.S.S. Contributor

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