Yes you are right, I’m here to trend someone. But that’s not my ultimate motive. I’m doing so because how I felt and what happened was not justified. And I’m here to reach out to ALL the girls, & I hope it’ll reach the wife/ daughter of this man as well. Pui.

Let me explain how it happened. Just an extremely happy Thursday for me, because internship ends for me at 2pm. Left office, had my lunch, went to babysit my friend’s baby which was at Newton. Then head to town, to get Christmas presents and it was only 5 stops away from where my friend is residing. Got everything done, bought what I wanted to buy, intended to head home feeling fucking hungry.

On the train, from Cityhall towards Pasir Ris, was leaning near the door of the train. Just casually looking around and charging my phone, and I felt this man taking photo of me. His actions!!!! Whoever uses his phone near to his chest?!?! Caught him doing it afew times, looking straight at him and from the corner of my eyes. But each time he will put down his phone, lock his phone then keep it in his pocket. Of course curiosity came to me, and I had very much wanted to snatched his phone and throw it on the ground. But what if he did not snap any picture of me, so I did not. If not I’ll be so embarrassed right?

But towards Aljunied, I was really really feeling it already. I was feeling conscious, uncomfortable, and my body was somehow trembling a little already. (Nahhhh, don’t worry. It’s not fits or anything. It was just adrenaline rush.) I looked at that guy, reached out to his phone and asked if he was taking photo of me. I lowered the phone, and bingo!!!!!! This time, I saw photos of my face and body!!!!!! It was not any lock screen or anything anymore.

Shouted at him at why he took my photo and snatched his phone away. Resisted and said “sorry sorry. I delete ok”
Me: “delete?! What’s the point?”
He: “ok you relax. You chill first. I already said sorry.”
Me: “eh shut up. All this is pointless now ok. Answer me, why did you take photo of me for. Wtf you trying to do.”

-called my father- he’s in JB, so I called 999. And asked for them to meet me at Paya Lebar. As I was planning to stop next stop, and of course to hand this mother fucking pervert over. Held on to his phone so tight, and transcom called me. Asked me to meet them at the passenger service once I alight. He asked me “what do you want”. Ccb what I want?! Shouted: “hello, this is the question I should be asking you. Not for you to ask me.” He replied: “I alr said I will delete and I already said sorry.” Me: “Ya you wait until one day someone do the same and say the same to your Daughter ok.”

I asked if he’s a singaporean. Ignored me. Asked again, he said “yes singaporean” me: “disgrace” I asked if he has a Daughter. He said yes. I then again asked him, how would he feel if someone took a photo of his Daughter. He: “ya I said sorry. Sorry ok? At least I admitted” Asked him not to move and snapped a picture of him.

Got him to alight at Paya Lebar with me. Just nice, there were afew transcom standing at the door next to the door I alighted. Told them a guy too photo of me, his phone is in my hands, already called the police and asked them to escort me to the passenger service.

I was so afraid he will snatch his phone and run away, or push me or anything? I mean, afterall can he is of a bigger size than me. Im so upset!!!!! At how people, we’re just looking and taking photos, but NO ONE offered to help, or come to me to assist me in anything. Afterall, I was ALONE, and raising my voice, snatched his phone and all like a siao zharbor. Everyone continued looking at me like it was free show. Ya free show right, hopefully one day, they don’t have to go through the same thing, while the rest is having a free show. Honestly, I needed assistance from the public, not audience. Where’s the humanity in humans???

Gave my statement and all. The policemen then told me, his reason for taking photo of me was cause I looked attractive. And I requested to see the photos they took of me. Then we realized, THERE WERE PHOTOS OF OTHER GIRLS AS WELL!!!! And from the first photo he took of me, was when I was waiting for the train at Cityhall. He requested for me to delete his photo as well, BUT NO.

According to the policemen, he is a singaporean, 49 years old. And bet many of you will be thinking, I must have worn something revealing, but attached is a photo of what I wore today. And I am on internship, as an admin. There’s no way i can wear anything too revealing?! Till the end, he did not look a least a bit of remorseful.

Oh!! Most of the photos are women with long straight hair.

There is nothing much I could do, one was either to pursue to the high court, fork out $ to find my own lawyer and all and the most he will only get away with a fine. Or just let it go. I chose to let it and him go, there’s no way I’m gonna spend $ just to let him get a fine. It’s not worth it??? Because his actions are not considered a crime, because it isn’t any upskirt photos or photos of private parts.

To some, this action may just be taking of photos but it’s really intrusive and disrespectful.

To ALL girls out there, always always be vigilant!!!!! And never not speak up or do anything, remember to protect yourself!!!! I was just lucky he didn’t push me away or anything but trust me, we all won’t know what will happen next.

At the end of the day, you only have you.

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