Dear Editor,

My parents and I are embroiled in a dispute with HDB, which insists on confiscating part of our sincere down payment made to them 3 years ago to secure a flat.

Both my parents are above 55 (but still gainfully employed) and HDB says they are ineligible at qualifying for another of their loan as my parents have taken it twice previously without issue. Moreover, HDB further mentioned to us that “there is generally no security” in old people, that they can continue fulfilling their loans and would rather a commercial bank take that responsibility which can take punitive actions should there be a default. I am 21 years of age and cannot be considered on compassionate grounds as only children 16 and below qualify. I just ORD from 2 wasted years at NS and will now have to locate a job and compete in our uneven level playing field with just an inferior ITE cert.

The HDB officer from sales department is now threatening to cancel our booking on 3 Jan 17 and bar us for a year from applying for a house if we are unable to raise the shortfall of $78k after deductions to my parents’ mandatory MSS, a sum they do not even know if they can “taste” before their deaths!

Multiple appeals through the MP proved futile and even representations from our community leaders were rejected with a template response without further ado! The grassroots leader typing our case even took snipes at us for unrealistically applying for a 4 room flat when I have not “made my mark” and told us to be “grateful” to have a current 2 room roof over our heads. My parents then retorted that they applied this 4 room so I do not need to get another one and live with them when I eventually get married. Is this not what the PAP government always emphasizes? If not, then why are they going back on their word after successfully having obtained a massive mandate from us?

My neighbor even told me not to place my hopes too high as a similar case occurred a few years ago and our anchoring million dollar minister did not bother to intervene in the elderly woman’s case and told netizens to look beyond the confiscation of her hard earned down payment. Question is, how to when PAP declares our Country as First World but does not want to reasonably look after its citizens’ basic needs? We are not asking for a free house but a mere loan to tide us through for which we are reimbursing with our monthly salary anyway!

Looking back, 1 thing my parents did not regret for sure was casting their votes for Mr Terence Tan as they always educated me that when the PAP receives a large mandate from the electorate, they will always go back on their word as they did in 2001 when they obtained 75% of the votes as compared to the 60% in 1991. They rolled back on the Goh Chok Tong welfare measures from 2002 onwards.

The silver lining is the victory of Donald Trump and other conservative politicians that will follow which will put to test, governments that has been lying to their electorate that everything is alright when it is not. Let’s see what unfolds after the massive Keppel retrenchments starting February next year that will tear apart the fabric of the tripartite alliance!

Matilah Singapura

A.S.S. Contributor

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