Donald Ling Chun Teck, a company director of TAC Contracts which deals in waterproofing and general works, has been jailed 30 months today after he was convicted of bribing clients that awarded jobs to his company.

Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau officers had found evidence that Donald Ling was giving managing agents, contractors and property agents corrupt payments. These payments were disguised as referral fees, commissions, or tokens of appreciation. The amounts were handed over personally to these individuals as cash.

On 24 October, Ling pleaded guilty under the Prevention of Corruption Act for corruptly giving gratifications.

On 29 June, Ling was charged with 121 counts of corruptly giving payments amounting to $145,353.00 to 31 employees from various companies as incentive to help him advance the interest of TAC Contracts.

He faces 416 others charges of corrupt payments amounting to at least $316,281.10 made to 71 other employees.

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