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Receive a call that a cat was stuck at parapet on 21st floor. Rush all the way to Teban Gardens in record time.

Got into the house and what do I see???

Windows all wide open. Have grills but not close and no mesh.

Look outside the area where they hang clothes and see the poor baby so scare huddle in the corner.

Put my good old reliable net down and discover that my net is not really long enough. So had to get a chair and lean out. Was very very stress already worrying that kitty will jump. Now extra worry that chair may slip and I go down instead of kitty.

Anyway it’s do or die. Lucky thing is kitty is quite good didn’t try to run. But if you watch the video at one point he almost ran out of my net. Lucky I saw it fast and able to get him.

After a few very very stressful minutes of coaxing and talking finally name to get kitty safely into the house. Job done cat safe money in my pocket. I’m a happy man.

Owner got a very big earful from me for not meshing up. Still got the cheek to ask me where to buy mesh.

Than came the big question, can discount? I almost say ok but something held me back and i said no.

Very lucky thing because if I had said yes I will bang my head against the wall. Because next she ask me if she can give away her cat. I almost couldn’t resist the urge to put my hand to her cheek.

Richard Ng

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