VLV restaurant housed a large scale Bigo event on Tuesday night, but what was supposed to be a fun night out turned out to be a gathering of 369 gangsters instead.

A Bigo streamer named LC who video-ed the event and told his audience to inform the Secret Societies Branch (SSB) of the Singapore Police Force, provided live commentary on the gathering of 369 gangsters. Chants of 369 gang poems could be heard in the background, while alleged gang members danced and paraded around the event arena.

The “Christmas White Party”, which was organized by Bigo, was meant to be a meet-and-greet event for fans to see their favorite streamers on Bigo live and in person. These plans were halted as the gang members overran the event.

There were some performances as part of Bigo’s ongoing #BIGOLIVESTAR2016 talent show.

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