Dear A.S.S

It has recently came to light that there has been numerous sites publishing negative news about an app called Bigo. I use the app as well and i think that perhaps i would like to contribute as well because the views might be a little harsh and one sided now.

so some people may think that bigo has ‘gangsterism’ and etc but the people involved in the issue are just students and kids, there were no real gang members there and people were just having TOO much fun in the moment itself. I would know, because unlike a few annoymous writers who could not make the guest list (throwing shade because its getting hot in here), I was there that night.

Just because you chanted some poems and waved your hands around like a mad-man doesn’t mean that you are a part of a gang? Unfortunately, some people do not understand. Perhaps the only gang these users are in are the different CLANS that has been formed on the app itself. The clan is something like a family, they bring people together and the people that share a clan support each other on streams and also in real life.

More popular clans include RabaksSG which houses many prominent members such as LC and KhunE who are nice people and they support the other people in the community. LC streams ‘topics’ which are being submitted to him and the viewers come together to solve the issues together. It warms my heart to see users stick up for each other and are so acceptable of others. It is kind of nice to be able to have people being there for you, be it 2pm. 9pm or 4am.

There are of course, trollers and haters and things get NASTY. They use fake names, fake profile pictures, fake locations and fake emails. It genuinely surprised me the amount of time and effort the trollers put into trying to ruin the streamer’s day. They would annoy the streamer and make the streamer upset. However, being on the app for long, you would come to see that the streamers turn it into a joke and in turn annoy them by playing along.

Therefore, to sum it up, the people in the app are not gangsters or rule breaking individuals,( we were wearing white on the night itself leh, #PAP ) They are actually a group of sweet misunderstood people who are actually eager to help and are all forgiving and super nice.
To the anonymous writer out there that published the bad articles, perhaps you should sign up for bigo and share your issues, because bigo users do not judge, perhaps you might stop spreading so much hate.

Have a great day ahead wonderful people of SG.

Akane Chia Yu Rou Student 17
A.S.S contributor

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