We are a family of 3,we had booked a Japan tour package tour from Travel Star Pte. Ltd. at a travel fair, at MBS during September 2016.The trip to Tokyo was from 5th December to 10 th December follow by a trip to Hokkaido from 11th to 16 December.

Before we book the tour we felt uneasy because we have to board the flight and to take a hotel shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel by ourself.When we checked with them how many had booked the same trip,they replied that 8 people had booked.So we decided to book it.The cost for Tokyo was $6430 and $3594 for Hokkaido.We reached the Hilton Narita Hotel on 6th December at about 8am,afther checking to the hotel,we took a bus to Tokyo Disneyland by our own.

After returnning to the hotel,we found an envelope at the door,it was from the guide telling us he will meet us at the lobby at 7.45am the next day with our luggages.The next morning we found out there were no tourist from Singapore had booked with them.The whole group was from all over asia.We started travel from east to west of Japan and ended on 10th December. We had a wonderfull time and say good bye to the rest of the tourists.

On 11th December we had to take a train to Kansai Airport to fly to Sapparo , our own.The flight was at 2.25pm,we reached the airport at about 11.30am,check in and waited enciously for the next wonderfull Hokkaido.At about 2.15pm the flight was cancelled due to bad weather,That was the worst news,we were not prepare for that terrible event.

I immediately called the Singapore travel agent for advised,Lucy the agent replied that she unable help us,I said what are you talking,this is a fully paid guided tour,how can you said you can’t help us At least you have to tell us what to do?She said package tour and free and easy are the same,we have to settle ourself.Afther checking with other stranded tourist,we realised that cancelling of flight is very common during winter time.

My little girl was crying,my wife was angry and shouting like a crazy women and i was dead(don/t know to do).Afther checking with the information counter at bout 4pm ,there was a flight to Hokkaido at 6pm but is not in the same terminal,we had to rushed to the terminal,and was informed that the flight was fully booked for the next 2 days.we returned to the first terminal ,don’t what’s going to happen next.

At about 6pm,Tokyo suddenly click my mind,afther discussing with my wife we decided to fly back to Tokyo.We called the agent to help us to booked the Hilton Narita Hotel but she refused to help,I told her to book the hotel using. my credit card,yet she refused.In the end I called my sister to help me book the hotel but we don’t have ticket to fly to Tokyo,Afther checking with the airlines ,we managed to buy from Jetstar ,the flight was 8pm.By then we realised that we haven’t had a meal sinced morning

After returning from Japan I called the agent about the refund but they refused to pay us a single cent,When i checked through terms and conditions,there is a clause said that 3rd party cancelling due bad weather ,there will be a $100 administration charge but they told all kind unacceptable reason.Hope that my experienced is able to warn others about this terrible agency.


Mr Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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