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Recently Minister Ng Eng Hen praised PAP MP Charles Chong for contesting in
Punggol East SMC in the 2015 General Election despite knowing that he has
liver failure (source:
He lauded Mr Chong for his courageousness in contesting the election despite
having a serious health problem.

How in the world is this courageousness?

This minister Ng Eng Hen’s ‘courageous’ Charles Chong has intentionally
misrepresented himself during the general election by NOT ANNOUNCING HIS
LIVER CONDITION to the electorate. He knew he is not in good health. He had
received medical reports at least 2 years before and committed to a liver
transplant. Concealing a significant and relevant truth from an electorate
Charles Chong intended to court for voter support is not even honest. One
could argue that Punggol East residents were deceived into voting in a sickly
old man as their MP. Had they known of his serious health problems, they
would probably have voted for Lee Li Lian.

Is Charles Chong treating morals, integrity and honesty as tradable
commodities, to suit his political purpose?

And such qualities to minister Ng Eng Hen are praise-worthy as courageous?
Courage to commit deceit ? Courage to keep the public ignorant of a
substantive information that could impact an electoral result?

Next time if Minister Ng buys something but receives a defective product,
then the sales guy can say that the product was courageous to be used by him.

Thanks to Charles Chong and the PAP, Punggol East residents have been
shortchanged again.

A.S.S. Contributor

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