The family of the man who caused a massive accident, which claimed the life of one driver and left a wake of destruction and casualties along the AYE near Tuas, has said that the man was behaving very erratically before his murderous act.

According to a witness at the scene, the driver, 53 year-old Lim Chai Heng, had originally intended to send his son to Alexandra Road.

The witness, who had spoken to the son of the Lim Chai Heng, told him that his father did not turn at Marina Coastal Road, as he was supposed to, but continued driving for 21KM straight along the AYE. By the time he had reached Tuas, Lim and his son had missed a total of 14 opportunities to turn out from the AYE and to go back on the right path.

The witness added that he overheard the son calling his company immediately after the accident to inform the company that he was late for work because of an accident. Shortly after, the son was also spotted sitting on top of the wrecked Mercedes taking a smoke break.

When the witness asked the son what had happened, he replied in Mandarin, “It wasn’t me, it was my father. I tried to stop him, but he said his friend was coming to look for him, that God was with him and that he was a millionaire. I couldn’t understand what he was saying.”

The driver of the car, Lim Chai Heng, was spotted smoking in the car and speaking in an agitated manner to himself. He only left the car after the police forced him out of the vehicle.

Lim’s wife and daughter arrived at the scene after Lim had been handcuffed and escorted by police. His wife was distraught, but the witness overheard his daughter saying that her father had been talking to himself since the night before.

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