Today evening at about 7pm, I was at City Square Mall (near Farrer Park) and witness a girl fainted at basement 1. Within 2 minutes, i saw 2 security officer (1 Malay and 1 Indian) from the mall attended to the girl. When one of the security officer called for assistant from their colleague via their communication set, i spotted 2 more security officer (1 Chinese and 1 indian in his civilian) arrived and rendered assistant.

I heard the security officer calling their office and requested for an ambulance. However, the victim refused and wanted to consult a doctor own self. The security officer use the wheel chair and brought the girl to the clinic which was located inside the mall.

I really feels that the City Square Mall security team going their extra miles and assisted the victim. I saw their uniform which stated CBM Security and i would like to compliment them on their great job.

Hats off to the security team members. Great job guys.. Well done.

A.S.S. Contributor

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