I just found out that restraining passengers by locking the doors is a crime. Hmm..

Incident: GrabCar Driver exited wrong exit on the highway and complained that my address do not have the word “Punggol” in it (I took out my IC and showed him that my address does not have the ‘Punggol’ word, how am I going to find a replacement address lol?) so he exited wrongly, and if he were to do a U-Turn (not like the tragic AYE accident), it would be too far and would waste his petrol.

So I suggested to pay him more, but he ignored me and in the end dropped me at Tampines Courts Megastore.

I asked my son and my helper to get off the car first so that they can get our stuffs in the boot, but realised the door was locked. I told him “Uncle, don’t worry, I’ll still pay the $15 fare.” While I was still searching my bag full of barang barang, he still didn’t want to unlock the door for my son and my helper. I didn’t know it was a crime to retain passengers like that, until today a GrabHitch driver told me that as long as you are being restrained in a space unwillingly by another person, it is a crime already.

And Grab is taking forever to reply my email. It’s been nearly a month. Still waiting.

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