Dear Editors,

This AYE fatal “accident” case has to be closely examined so that the right penalty is given. Clearly, this is no different from terrorism as the mercedes driver was out to kill. This is not like racing for fun, beating traffic lights for convenience… all these acts are reckless, because they have no intention to kill.

If the mainstream media reports are accurate, not only was the driver fully aware that he is driving in the wrong direction, he was driving at high speed and show no intention to be drive safely (on his hazard light or drive on road shoulder). Just check the expressway cameras and the truth is out.

This Merc driver is no different from being a murderer and should be sentenced as so. If he gets a 5 years or less, his case would make a mockery of Singapore traffic law.

This is not reckless or dangerous. There is obvious intention to cause harm to self or other people. If this case is not properly sentenced, this may set a precedent for people to commit the perfect murder.

If you hate someone and want them dead, simply kill them on the roads and act crazy, suffer from depression or appear to be under the influence of alcohol. You get away with a 5 year reckless driving jail term.

It is only just if the charge is amended from reckless and dangerous driving to manslaughter or murder. Justice has to be served.

Jamil S
A.S.S. Contributor

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