A 25 year-old criminal, who became notorious as the Punggol “Spiderman” for scaling 3 meters on the outside of a HDB wall to break into a 17th storey flat, was arrested within 8 hours of committing the crime.

On 17 December this year, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) were alerted to a case of break-in at Punggol Block 175A. According to a tenant residing within the victim’s flat, a burglar had climbed in 3 meters from a unit above and entered the victim’s 17th storey flat through the window.

When the burglar realized that he had been discovered, he fled quickly through the same window and disappeared.

Within 8 hours, police officers had detained the suspect, who turned out to be a neighbour of the victim. The burglar had observed the victim for a long period of time and was very familiar with the victim’s schedule before attempting to steal from the victim’s home.

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