Dear Editors,

Just a few days after the Chinese Navy snatched up an underwater drone belonging to the US navy in the international waters of the South China Sea, the Chinese announced that they would return the drone to the US by today (20 December 2016). In contrast, after so many weeks of impounding the Singapore owned military terrexes in Hong Kong, the Chinese has not given any indication of returning the wrongfuly detained military equipment.

What does this tell us? It tells Singapore and the world that China only fears military power and big countries. It has no respect for any other countries who are deemed inferior and smaller than China. Such countries are expected to bow down to the PRC Emperor and do China’s bidding.

China’s latest move to kowtow to an irritated USA proves the point that when the going gets tough, China backs down from their tough talk and capitulates to the USA. China is just a typical schoolyard bully who pick on those smaller sized classmates but retrearts when a bigger bully appears.

It is a shame that China whom most thought to be a caring big brother has turned into this big bully who acts with impunity. The rules don’t apply to China and to them only power and size speaks loudest. If China wants to retain any amount of genuine respect other countries have for it, return the Singapore terrexes and stop their high handed bullying ways.

You can buy over friends like Cambodia, Philippines and Malaysia but they will never be your true friends. Your true friends will always tell you the ugly truth even if they know you dislike it. After all that’s what friends are for isn’t it? China please do the right thing and before your reputation is in tatters.

Chan Wei Ming
A.S.S. Contributor

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