Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte has arrived in Singapore for a visit and is currently feasting with Lee Hsien Loong.

For those of you who are unaware, Duterte is an absolutely awful leader in the Philippines and is literally committing genocide as we speak in Philippines. He literally has the police kill drug users on the streets. Duterte likened himself to Hitler, saying he wanted his slaughter of drug users to be similar to that of the Holocaust. He also urged armed citizens to join in the fun and shoot drug users whenever they see one. 2500 people have been killed and 38 people die each day from this government sanctioned death squad. Duterte is a mass-killer and without a doubt an absolutely dangerous and despicable person, and right now he is dining comfortably with our benevolent dictator Lee Hsien Loong.

It’d be very nice and advisable if our dear leader Lee Hsien Loong talked to Duterte about his questionable methods in dealing with drug users, and encourage him to change his techniques to something nicer. However, that is probably very unlikely because a few months ago the Singapore Government literally just gave a death sentence to a Nigerian man for possessing lots of Marijuana. And of course as we all know, Lee Hsien Loong really doesn’t like to soil ‘diplomatic relations’ with other countries and doesn’t have the integrity to call out horrendous behaviour when it needs to be.

Duterte is an absolutely horrible person, and Lee Hsien Loong just cordially invited him to Singapore. We must show our disapproval and disgust to Duterte’s actions. Therefore I urge everyone reading this to post words of resistance towards Duterte in the comments section below and share this post to raise awareness of the despicable nature of Duterte to Singaporeans, and let them know full well the killer that Lee Hsien Loong just invited for Durian.

If the elite rulers won’t do their part to condemn vile human rights abuses (of course), then we must. We have a huge role to play in fighting this tyranny. Your voice is powerful, let it be heard

Amos Yee
A.S.S. Contributor

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