An 88 year-old woman lost her life to her injuries after falling down a flight of stairs in her block. She had been forced to climb the stairs to her flat despite her walking disability because the lift in her block had broken down.

The incident took place on 4 May this year at about 4.30PM at the woman’s Bukit Ho Swee address. She was found unconscious after the fall by a neighbour, who discovered her lying on the ground at the bottom of a flight of stairs.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force were alerted to the emergency, while neighbours rushed to the family’s residence and alerted them to the old woman’s situation.

“The problem only affects one lift,” said a neighbour living in the same block as the deceased. “Even though we pressed the lift button, the lift would not come down.”

“I think she must have pressed for the lift, but since the lift did not come down, she decided to climb half a level to take the lift on the next floor only to suffer a fall.”

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